Startup Town


Hala Jary FZE

Hala Jary is a social neighborhood network application that connects people in the same neighborhood by matching people with similar interests and backgrounds.


Zidyia is the world’s first modern subscription-based learning management system that is built natively on the cloud. Built with the user in mind, Zidyia has set out to transform the EdTech experience.

Concept Wellbeing Studio

A female-only wellness studio equipped with a team of personal trainers, dietitians, and health coaches who will help you to get into your ideal shape.


As an award-winning UAE based online counseling platform, Takalam connects individuals and organisations with professional counselors via secure online channels.

Storage Keys

Storage Keys is a company that offers storage solutions. They were founded in 2016 and are focused on providing high-quality services at competitive prices. They aim to make the storage process simpler and more efficient.


Bookends is the first and largest online marketplace for buying and selling preloved books. A home for more than 20000 books in 13 different languages.

Workshops and Startups


Wafii allows you to turn any bank card into a crypto rewards card.


OptimizeApp enables SMEs to organize social media campaigns through a single app, it offers services at a wide price range with little prior expertise needed.

Clever Harvest

Clever Harvest is Enhancing Food Security via Enterprise and Predictive Software for Diverse, Sustainable Sourcing, Tracing, and Quality Certification at Scale.

Retech Solutions

Retech Solutions is an one-stop shop for all development needs to various businesses ranging from startups to enterprises with affordability and satisfaction.


As a free Arabic language learning application for children, Arabee employs interactive methods of teaching that covers a wide range of learner types.


Finanshels help startups & SMEs to automate accounting and track KPIs real-time.

5th Wall

5th Wall is a Sharjah-based XR company that has developed AR/VR technology capable of delivering meaningful and immersive storytelling in museums, heritage sites, and more.


Mamo Limited is a UAE-based startup that offers Mamo Pay for Business, a payment service for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows users to collect and manage payments using payment links and a financial dashboard. The service does not require complex integrations or coding.


jalebi.io is a new-age inventory-first (vertical) Restaurant Operating System, co-created with restaurant owners and operators, stacked on top of challenges plaguing the industry spanning three decades.

HoloFair – Outreal XR

HoloFair is a 3D virtual web platform that enables anyone to closely engage with their communities by allowing them to custom build their own metaverse and host events with +1k users online.

Science Xplorers

Science Xplorers combines both the practical and theoretical aspects of learning science and present a fun-filled educational ride for students to explore.


iSchool is an online coding platform for K12 students to learn and create careers in the top emerging technology.

Baytuki Tech Ltd

Baytuki is a crowdfunding platform that enables Emirati women of all ages and income brackets towards financial prosperity by making micro investments in real estate.


Lune is a UAE based Fintech startup focused on Financial Data Enrichment & Analytics. Lune is MENA’s first Transaction Enrichment API provider, serving MENA Fintechs, Banks and Institutions.


Manhat is a deep technology startup based in the United Arab Emirates; focusing on “natural water distillation” patented technology for sustainable water and floating farm solutions.


Invisual tech enables companies to easily share and display their facilities on the web in 3D. Using their software users can display and share facility’s exteriors & interiors using a powerful web-based app.

Remal IoT

Remal IoT is a tech startup that aims to promote knowledge of programming and building smart devices in the UAE and the Middle East. They create open-source development boards that can be used for learning and for various projects.

Palmade Plastic Cutlery Manufacturing LLC

Palmade is a Dubai-based manufacturer of disposable cutlery made from natural materials including the leaves from the date palm tree.


Foloosi is a company that offers online gateway services to merchants in the UAE. They have over 5000 merchants and generate over 30 million dirhams in transactions per month. They are partners with Network International, Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

Olymon Technologies FZ-LLC

Olymon manages online orders in one platform and uses smart automations to eliminate substitutions and human errors for merchants in retail.


Dapi is a UAE-born company and the leading Open Bank API Provider in the MENA region. It allows businesses to automate financial processes with both Retail Banks and Business Banks

Defuzzy Labs

Defuzzy is a robotics company with a focus on unmanned solutions and marine robotics. The company successfully demonstrated its capabilities in designing and developing unmanned solutions such as Unmanned surface vessels (USVs), under water remotely operated vessels (ROVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs).

Tect Track


KRISPR is redefining food commerce from production to consumption by using technology to transform the way food is produced, retailed and consumed.


ZeLoop is a new and innovative app and business platform that rewards users, who proactively help protect the environment by depositing plastics for recycling.

Circa Biotech

Circa Biotech has developed an innovative process to upcycle food waste into animal feed using industrial farming of an insect, the Black Soldier Fly (BSF).

FUSE EV Conversions FZC

FUSE EV is a startup converting cars from petrol to electric and therefore aim to make e-mobility accessible for everyone.

Nadeera Technologies LTD

Nadeera is a new breed of waste management companies focused on waste diversion. They help instill circular economy practices through technology-enabled behavioral interventions.


Sustynable is the regions 1st inclusive digital platform that stands to make sustainable living easy and accessible to all. You would be guided on everything from A to Z. Doing good has never been easier.

Cycled Technologies

Cycled delivers front-end SmartBin solutions that enable individuals and businesses gain revenue from their waste via recycling while reducing waste management cost.

FortyGuard Tech LTD

FortyGuard are outdoor temperature experts helping clients optimize energy & enhance the environment with proprietary insights.


DFYN Design

DFYN Design is an upcoming and progressive design studio that has made a name for itself by creating spaces that exude elegance, impact, and soul.