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November 13, 2018

First Arab Woman to summit Everest

First Arab Woman to climb the seven summit

Initiatives that can be described as daring and innovative in many fields have one thing in common: She was told that she couldn’t do it! She did and that is what Suzanne Al Houby is all about.
Her favorite quote is “it is easy to be inspired, but it is not so easy to act”

Suzanne Al Houby is the first Arab Woman to climb and summit Everest, the highest mountain on earth at 8850 meters on May 21, 2011. She is also the first Arab woman to climb Mont Blanc ( 2 times) Elbrus ( 3 times), Aconcagua ( 2 times), Vinson & Denali ( 4 times) (the highest mountains in Western Europe, Europe, South America, Antarctica and North America) respectively, in addition to Kilimanjaro ( 10 times) and Toubkal the highest mountain in North Africa Respectively amongst others.

She visited more than 100 destinations worldwide, carried a backpack half her weight and camped in extreme conditions. Therefore, she developed a sense of what to look for in an adventure, and decided to put this in Rahhalah Explorers, her dream project: an adventure travel company.

An environmentalist, a humanitarian and an explorer with a set of values that define integrity for her “ It is never about greed, fame or even the summit, it is about doing the right thing in a world that has a significant number of people losing sight of what is important”. In her business, she runs the only company that has a payback promise in the region and from the inception of the company.