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November 13, 2018

Mashael Al Ali is the founder and Creative Director of RE- Urban Studio. Graduated from The American University of Sharjah, with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. In parallel to her several governmental positions as Planning Specialist and Future Strategist in both Sharjah and Dubai, Mashael practiced a private practice of Architecture for around 10 years, where she explored her specialty in residential designs and commercial interiors. In 2016, she founded RE- Urban Studio, a Design Platform which acts as a third space between Design Studio and a Creative Business Center. Managed by her and her Partner, the studio eventually been licensed as the FIRST Design Business Incubator in Dubai, providing the creative startup community with tailored space and support, which serves in shaping the future of creative independent businesses in the UAE and filling the gap between design as education and Design as a profession.