Bernhard Schambeck

Bernhard Schambeck is Head of the BMW Startup Garage, the Venture Client unit of the BMW Group. The BMW Startup Garage helps early-stage startups to succeed in this multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Bernhard has successfully worked with numerous early-stage startups throughout his professional career – some of which are now leaders in their industry or even among the world’s biggest companies. His 20+ years in the automotive industry as well as his experience in working with startups and as a founder of his own company allow him to understand both sides: the corporate and startup worlds.

Bernhard joined BMW in 1996 and has since worked in several positions, including as:
– Project Lead Electric/Electronic and Interior for the BMW X1
– Head of HMI (Human Machine Interface) Team for the new MINI product line
– Senior Technology Engineer at the BMW Tech Office/Palo Alto USA
– Series Development Engineer Interior Components

He holds a degree in Precision Engineering and Microsystems from the University of Applied Science in Munich.

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