Adwa AlDakheel, a business woman, a stock analyst, first place winner of 3 Capital Trading Market competitions, a professional guitarist, an author of a best-selling book in Saudi Arabia, a licensed pilot, an award-winning poet, a Squash champion, and one of the most influential figures on Social Media in the GCC region all by the age of 25.
In a recent study done on the most influential Social Media figures in the Middle East, Adwa was in the top three long with Ahmed Alshugairi and Thunayan Khalid; with a reach of over 2+ million individuals on social media, Adwa’s content revolves around education, social responsibility, and lifestyle. In another study done by Ithraa Consulting Group, university students were asked if they had a role model, and 80 percent of the students answered Adwa Aldakheel – mostly due to her close age to these students.
Because of her eclectic range of interests and subjects to discuss, Adwa’s personality and content appeal to a large audience from all different ages and background.

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