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أكتوبر 28, 2018

Reza Kazemipour, a seasoned senior executive with over 20 years of experience, has deep understanding and experience working on of business strategy ranging from startup to the boardroom. His determination and focus on process definition, sales & team management, business development, operations and corporate vision has proven to be a viable environment to raise venture capital funds as well as to negotiate multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions. Kazempiour’s US Naval training cultivated his drive, intensity and strategic foresight which propels his career to stay ahead of the pack.
Instinctively at the forefront of technology, Kazemipour is currently the Chief Revenue Officer at Inui Health, a AI/ML health platform focusing on a smartphone-based in-home consumer diagnostic platform.

He has proven the value of leading by example and is a board & advisor to many Silicon Valley and Canadian startups. He also enjoys mentoring teams from various accelerators around the globe on recruitment, enablement, go-to-market, and execution of growth opportunities to get to funding or revenue.

Being an avid runner and health enthusiast, Reza Kazemipour puts the same amount of energy into his advisory roles and business endeavors becoming an essential part of the team.