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Purvashi and Vaibhav Doshi

نوفمبر 15, 2018

Vaibhav Doshi

Vaibhav is a management consultant and Sr. Executive turned entrepreneur who is now leading RentSher Middle East (www.rentsher.ae), the region’s first online marketplace for rentals of products and services for events, electronics, medical and travel needs. Before turning entrepreneur Vaibhav has held leadership positions with the Govt. Of Dubai, Philips and leading management consulting firm McKinsey & Co in their Middle East office. He has had the privilege of working side by side with Boards of large businesses, CEOs and high ranking Ministers on a variety of topics including strategy, operations management, large scale transformation, corporate portfolio optimization, M&A and digital transformation. Having spent ~ 10 years in the region and with work experience in the Canada, India and the UK he brings a strong understanding of the regional opportunities and challenges along with best practices from highly competitive markets. It’s the experience gained from these challenging opportunities that Vaibhav is putting to use to drive RentSher to shape it as the global champion in online rentals.


Vaibhav has always been determined to achieve what he sets his eyes on and that explains his journey from a small rural village in India to the University of Oxford and from there to a job with McKinsey & Co, one of the most sought after career for MBA graduates around the world.  Next focus is to build a great team at RentSher and drive its growth to impact lives of customers and vendors around the globe.

In addition to leading RentSher, Vaibhav is also a board member at Bombay Shirts Company’s GCC franchise where he advises the team on strategy and customer acquisition. He is also an investor in other start-ups, including an F&B business in the UK co-founded by his friends at Oxford.

Vaibhav is married to Purvashi who co-runs RentSher with him. They are proud parents of two kids. Vaibhav prefers to spend time with Kids in the morning when they are full of energy and then to put them to bed so that he can catch-up with them on the action during the day. On weekends, Vaibhav loves to read with the kids, cook breakfast or just watch a movie with them.

Purvashi Neema Doshi

Purvashi is the co-founder and Director at RentSher Middle East (www.rentsher.ae), the region’s first online marketplace for rentals of products and services for events, electronics, medical and travel needs. She co-runs RentSher with her business and life partner Vaibhav. At RentSher, Purvashi is in-charge of Customer and Vendor Happiness – a role she describes as the most critical pillar of the business and closest to her heart.

Purvashi graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2003 and while working as a Physio she realized that her biggest strength is in building trust based relations and giving patients comfort that they are in safe hands. That made her contemplates taking that strength further to a lot more people since Physio is very 1:1 interaction. Purvashi then made a career shift to retail operations working with brands such as Bon Marche and Debenhams in the UK where she handled floor operations with a team of 8-10 members. When Purvashi came back to work after a parenting break she did not want to just resume where she left but wanted to rather create an organization where she can lead, shape the culture and impact more lives. This is where the idea to set-up the Middle East operations of RentSher came-up and next day she turned a mompreneur. Her learning from managing floor operations at Debenhams and dealing with a diverse customer base came handy while setting-up the operations of RentSher and training the team. Though she does not have a formal business education most of the business learning came on the job at RentSher and she is excited about learning and applying new concepts every day. Delivering happiness to customers and the joy of assisting the vendors in growing their businesses is what provides Purvashi the energy to keep going.

Purvashi is married to Vaibhav who co-runs RentSher with her. They are proud parents of two kids. When not baking the strategy for RentSher’s operations Purvashi loves to bake some goodies for the kids or simply get on some creative activities with them. She is a foodie at heart, loves to read and tries to find time for some work-out.

On RentSher: As a mother of two kids, Purvashi had struggled many times organizing parties for kids. Also with so many visitors from India there was always a challenge in finding simple products like beds / car-seats on rent. Purvashi knew she is not the only mother facing these issues and when she discussed with friends a clear need for a one-stop-shop for rentals was emerging. Purvashi spent a few months researching the event rentals and started RentSher Middle East operations with event furniture rental gradually also moving to electronics, medical and travel rental needs.