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Padmini Gupta

أكتوبر 29, 2018

As the CEO of rise, Padmini is a natural leader. A former banker, now social entrepreneur, she works tirelessly to improve the lives and aspirations of millions of service workers in the Middle East. An advisor and supporter of several start-ups, she was invited to be a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow. As Global Leadership Fellow, she developed public private partnership which allowed for development of guiding principles of the Gleneagles Dialogue on climate change for the G8, and creation of the smart cities programme, as well as the development of the initial roadmaps on the future of transportation. Her 12-year banking career involved developing and later managing a large portfolio of startup and high growth businesses. Her community outreach efforts allowed her to become active in policy development and community development efforts, including bringing unbanked clients into the banking system. She is an Oxford Graduate, and with two US SBA Best Banker Awards under her belt, she brings the passion to the team.