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نوفمبر 19, 2018

Mashal Waqar is the co-founder and COO of The Tempest (thetempest.co), an award- winning digital media and technology company with millions of monthly readers. Mashal has played a key role in successfully fundraising for The Tempest, and in growing the company’s global reach.

Mashal is also an accessibility advocate and is currently leading the accessibility pivot at The Tempest. She won the WIL Economic Forum 2017 Young Leader of the Year award for her work in media and inclusion. Her previous work includes accessibility initiatives at RIT Dubai, a tech project with a mental health focus for the UNHRD; her research background includes coauthoring a research paper on challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Mashal mentors startups at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, StartAD, Tech Stars Startup Weekend, Unwind the Grind, and e7 Promise of a Generation.